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Crusher Lures Heavy Finesse Jig 2pk

Crusher Lures Heavy Finesse Jig Size: 3/8 oz
Crusher Lures Heavy Finesse Jig Color: Black/Blue
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Crusher Lures Heavy Finesse Jig 

The Crusher Lures Heavy Finesse Jig is a jig that has invented its own category. It sets itself apart from other finesse jigs because of its stout hook that is capable of withstanding the pressure of heavier tackle and bigger fish than standard finesse jigs. It also has a finesse cut skirt and compact profile that is more appealing for picky fish than a large jig. Another unique feature of this jig is that, because of its compact size and finesse skirt, the jig falls faster than bigger jigs that are the same weight, allowing the angler to downsize the weight of the jig that they are using and get the same results. 

Quick Specs: 

  • 3/8oz and 1/2oz

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