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Daiwa J Braid X4 Yellow

J Braid X4 Size: 10lb
J Braid X4: 150yd
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Daiwa J Braid x4 Yellow 

Daiwa J Braid is made from high quality Dyneema fibers to build a quality fishing line that is smooth, sensitive, and thin diameter. The J Braid x4 is constructed from 4 individual strands of material woven together. This line is very abrasion resistant and can withstand a beating. The yellow color of the line makes it easy for anglers to watch their line and detect subtle bites and it also improves visibility to tie on leader knots. Daiwa J Braid is some of the best quality line on the market today and is offered at a very reasonable price. Daiwa pros have relied on J Braid when it counts, and you should too. 

Quick Specs: 

  • 165yd and 300yd Spools 
  • 10lb 
    • 0.007”
    • 0.17mm 
    • 2.5lb Mono Equivalent 
  • 15lb 
    • 0.008”
    • 0.19mm 
    • 4lb Mono Diameter 
  • 20lb 
    • 0.008”
    • 0.21mm 
    • 6lb Mono Diameter 
  • 50lb 
    • 0.013” 
    • 0.33mm 
    • 12lb Mono Diameter 
  • 65lb 
    • 0.014”
    • 0.36mm 
    • 16lb Mono Diameter 

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